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Clean Energy Supply Chain – Role of Rotomatik Overhead Cranes

Visual Inspection & Tracking The Travelling of Overhead Crane

Overhead Cranes – what do overhead cranes have to do with climate change?

Climate change concerns have become more pervasive in almost every corner of the world.

The management of Rotomatik Singapore has taken the challenge to reduce carbon footprint by being part of the environmental friendly supply chain using its status as a premium crane supplier.

Rotomatik Singapore is honoured to be given a vital role in the renewable energy chain in REC Solar Pte Ltd in Singapore.

The customer is a technology provider and production of solar energy solutions.

In the Singapore plant, Rotomatik Singapore offered an overhead crane lifting solution to handle materials when there is a constraint on the lifting height.

Hence, Rotomatik Singapore designed the crane to push it as close as possible to the ceiling.

In addition, to further increase the lifting height, an extra low-headroom electric chain hoist was used, thereby fulfilling the customer’s material handling requirements.

Overhead travelling cranes using the STAHL CraneSystems STK series Extra Short Headroom electric chain hoist was the optimal solution needed for its production lines at its Tuas South plant.

The mere 185mm headroom for the 1.6 ton and 3.2 ton versions of the hoists were chosen to fit into the very low 4m ceiling and up to 3.5m high lifting height requirements of the setup. The unique design also enables loads to be lifted steadily and without swinging.

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Electric Overhead Crane Super-structures for a Major Transport Provider

A major component of electric overhead cranes is its super structure. Basically, it comprises, runways beams, columns, rails and other parts. All these come together to form a runway for the cranes.

The back end job of designing the runway requires years of experiences.

Rotomatik (S) won another major project to prep runway and supporting columns & plates.

This is one of the number of projects won by the company as a testament of its timely delivery and quality of its worksmanship.

As shown, the materials are being packed and due for delivery to the site. Upon completion of the installation of the electric overhead crane runway, Rotomatik (S) will install a few units of overhead cranes in the next phase.


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A Unique Rotomatik 3-Chain Hoist Crane for SBS Transit Train Depot at Gali Batu

MRT depots constantly use cranes and hoists to ease the burden and increase productivity of lifting heavy loads.

MRT depots carry out a plethora of engineering & technical tasks. One of the most critical ones is the maintenance of axles which is to be done in a wheel press system.

In order to perform the maintenance work, train engineers need to heft and / or lower the axles with the help of a crane system.

Rotomatik has had the advantage of designing, installing and integrating such crane systems as part of the wheel press system in other depots. Based on its records, Rotomatik was able to rise to the challenge of engineering the system as specified by SBS Transit.

The wheel press machine is specially used for mounting and dismounting of the components of the axle such as wheel sets, brakes discs, bearings and gearboxes of rail rolling stocks.

Due to the construct of the MRT train axle, Rotomatik designed a single girder crane using not one but three chain hoists which operate either independently or in tandem.

The hoists lift and/or lower the axles to the various jigs to facilitate the inspection and maintenance of the axle elements.

The rail engineer can use either hoist “B” by itself i.e. 3.2 ton or hoist “A” & “C” together i.e. 1.6t + 1.6t. These are controlled by a smart pendant switch which controls both lifting, cross travelling and long travelling.

For safety reasons, an anti-collision system is installed to keep the hoists from colliding with each other to prevent accidents.


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Rotomatik Singapore Showcasing Bespoke Brands LISTA & Rotomatik Overhead Cranes

Rotomatik’s Exhibition team was mobilised in July to participate in the Aerospace MRO Conference cum Exhibition from 6 to 8 November 2018 at the Singapore Expo.

After weeks of preparation, the team moved into the exhibition hall on November 6 and set up the booth furnished with LISTA products and three unique manual hoists designed specifically for the aerospace industry.

The high numbers of visitors who showed interest in both the cranes and LISTA storage systems demonstrated the market potentiality of the region especially in the aviation industry.

The management thanked the staff for their zealous support.

View more LISTA products via our Rotomatik LISTA website

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Slewing Jib for The Trains

Jib cranes or slewing jib cranes are well-known in the material handling world that these are perfect for spot lifting.

This simply means that materials are very frequently lifted or lowered for maintenance purposes.

In the case of our customer SMRT, it has a fixed spot where items need to be worked on.

A slewing jib crane for maintenance whereby stringent requirements were specified. Consequently, after a number of discussions, a 2-tonne, 5.5 metre arm outreach with a working height of 3.5 metre was designed.

It is a testimony of the designing skills of Rotomatik.

Slewing Jib Crane in the Midst of Installation

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Happy 21st Birthday, Rotomatik

Rotomatik celebrated its birthday on 12 October 2018 with all its employees at their premises. Mr Poo highlighted the key projects and the achievements for YTD 2018. He thanked the staff for their hard work and dedication to the company. He emphasised that people are vital to the company as each staff is a touch point for both internal and external customers.

The celebration included the presentation of 10-year award to two staff, Mr Henry Lim and Mr Raymind Lee as well. Mr Poo praised them for their positive contribution and encouraged them to pursue excellence for the company.

The celebration continued with the cake cutting ceremony by both Mr HC Tang and Mr KG Poo, followed by a sumptuous buffet lunch.

Congratulations, Rotomatik.


Mr KG Poo and Mr HC Tang cutting 21st birthday cake.


L-R: Mr KG Poo, Mr Henry Lim, Mr HC Tang, Ms Jeen Er


L-R: Mr KG Poo, Mr Raymond Lee, Mr HC Tang, Ms Jeen Er


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Rotomatik’s 20th Anniversary

After enjoying 20 years of growth, Rotomatik staff took time to let their hair down and together with their partners celebrated its anniversary.

The place was spruced up. This is one party in which people mattered more than class acts and frills.

Poo, in his opening speech, thanked those present to take time off to celebrate the event. It was not just another milestone but a significant one as the company has recently re-branded itself as a quality supplier of overhead crane equipment.

As far as the company is concerned, the journey has just begun. It is not resting on its laurels and is working assiduously to foster a greater and closer relationship with its partners.

Rotomatik thanked all the partners who have had a role to play in making Rotomatik what it is today.

The anniversary cake was cut by the 2 directors, Tang Hong Chiang and Poo Kiat Guan, followed by the popping of champagne.

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Overhead Cranes for LTA Depot

Overhead cranes: another feather in the hat for Rotomatik Singapore.

TA Depot @ Tuas West Extension

Bidding for a government project by itself is a complex process fulfilling a host of requirements. Winning the project is an equally challenging.

The process can take a long time from conception to implementation.

A case in point is LTA prestigious project at MRT Depot at Tuas.

Rotomatik was awarded the contract to supply 4 units of 10 ton overhead double girder cranes, 9 units of overhead single girder cranes ranging from 300 kg to 3 ton, 1 unit of 2 ton of pillar slewing jib crane and 1 unit of 2 ton monorail hoist system.

In addition, Rotomatik was also awarded to supply and install all the runway beams to serve the above mentioned overhead cranes due to its capability to design and install supporting steel structures.

Although the contract was awarded to Rotomatik in 2012, installation works only commenced in 2015. The project was completed and handed over to the authority in the mid of 2016, within schedule.

LTA Depot @ Thomson Line

In the midst of execution the Tuas Depot project, Rotomatik was then awarded the MRT Depot for the Thomson Line.

This latest project comprised 9 units of 10 ton overhead double girder cranes with the spans of up to 28.7 m,
3 units of 2 ton single girder crane & a 2 ton pillar slewing jib cane.

The above work scope also included the supply and installation of runway beams.

The Company’s success in securing these tenders was a testimony of the authority’s confidence in Rotomatik’s quality products, strong engineering competency and good execution capability.

Each experience will only add to Rotomatik’s value proposition as a leading supplier of such cranes and hoists lifting equipment.

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Rotomatik’s 19th Anniversary

It has been a very busy year so far and we in the company, have been focused on delivering our commitments to our valued customers. Many of the projects are crane related to our key customers.

We did, however, take the opportunity to celebrate our company’s 19th Anniversary – Prawning!!!

We had a wonderful time catching prawns and just chilling out the entire afternoon then ending it off with a Bar-B-Q….of course with our huge crustacean harvest….Yum Yum…

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Rotomatik Goes Underground

Overhead cranes going underground? While most overhead cranes operate at ground level, Rotomatik was given the privilege to provide overhead cranes below ground level.

This is our narrative.

Jurong Town Corporation (JTC) announced the development of the underground rock cavern (URC).

According to the Singapore Straits Times (13 May 2008) the tender calling for the construction of the URC will cover such “space, technical and functional requirements, operation and maintenance requirements and identification of issues of concern”.

In Phase 1 of the URC which is located beneath Jurong Island, Singapore’s first underground cavern is built for the storage of crude oil and oil products like naphta, condensate and gas oil.

As with most gas installation equipment and machinery are necessary. There is also a need for lifting equipment. These are used for the removal of key components such as solenoid valves for maintenance and repair purposes.

Rotomatik has supplied 5 underground explosion-proof cranes working in the cavern. These are designed to work in an explosive environment.

Rotomatik has won the project due to its distinct value proposition of its track record of supplying customised lifitng solutions with short delivery time and its quality mangement system in every stage from design to full factory acceptance testing.

While these are critical, working with the main contractor Hyundai is the other element of the working equation. Hyundai provided Rotomatik its full support without which the installation could be hampered.

The tunnel is located about 100 metres below ground. Access to the storage area is via a lift and a 1 km tunnel. There a few work site areas.

Above ground, Rotomatik has supplied 4 cranes, of which 2 are explosion-proof cranes.

Lee KF who is the project manager said that the challenges working deep underground were high humidity, high temperature.

While the work site was relatively safe due to the strict conditions imposed the government, our staff was always fearful of the tunnel collapsing in addition to the claustrophobic feeling, despite the fact the tunnel leading to the work site is wide and high enough for a trailer of 9m length and 3m wide to drive through.

Candidly, Lee said that the installation of the cranes above ground was a piece of cake compared to the underground work.

Rotomatik is fortunate to have dedicated staff Lee KF, Uddin and Najmul working tirelessly underground to complete the installation, load testing and commissioning within schedule. When asked if he would go underground again, he said with a laugh “Why not?”

This prestigious project adds another feather to Rotomatik’s hat.