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Kitchens. The bastion of chefs, cooks, fathers and mothers . This is the place where our gastronomical memories are formed and forged. And a kitchen is incomplete without the ubiquitous table top. Table tops have evolved from the simple to the most durable.

Aurastone Pte Ltd is a key supplier of quartz stone and marble in the Singapore market for the making of kitchen counter tops and surfaces.

Rotomatik is pleased to be part of the Singapore table top supply chain. But first, we needed to understand the customer’s requirements.

There are 2 areas of where Rotomatik cranes are used:

Cutting Zone

A 3-tonne single girder crane equipped with a tough ST3 chain hoist is installed in this area where cutting and shaping of the raw materials take place. The cutting processes generates dust particles which may stick onto greased wire ropes. The accumulation of these particulates mixed with grease often causes jams and damages key components of the hoists such as wire rope guide. Hence, chain hoists are used in such environment.

Storage Zone

A 5-tonne crane with a robust SH4 wire rope hoist is installed in this area. It us mainly used for storage, inbound and outbound handling and minor cuttings, if required.

The 2 cranes were installed and commissioned in 2018 and 2021.

Aurastone Pte Ltd has been our customer for a number of years and our task is really about serving and providing our professional advice to the client even before the owner started his company. Most important to Rotomatik is the fact that we believe in the swift execution and timely delivery to facilitate the smooth operations of our customers.

To all the chefs, cooks, fathers and mothers, happy cooking!