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Rotomatik 22nd Anniversary Celebration – 15 October 2019

It is the time of the year whereby Rotomatik celebrates her 22nd Anniversary at East Coast Park.

The celebration commenced with an opening speech by Mr. Poo who reported that Rotomatik Singapore has expanded in tandem with the number of projects followed by the traditional cake cutting ceremony.

He thanked the staff for working as a team in pushing Rotomatik brand and crane products into the market.

It was also the time to promote Mr. Ashik as a Foreman who has over the years shown his leadership soft skills and proven his hard skills.

The organizing team decided to foster camaraderie among the staff by organising laser gun shootout.

The idea was quite simple. The four teams were armed with laser guns and their mission was to shoot everyone else within a 10-minute time.

There was only one rule: shoot first, ask questions later!




And because the event was located just next to the sea, it was time to dip and cool down in the sea.


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Rotomatik Singapore Participated in MRO Asia-Pacific 24 to 26 September 2019

Rotomatik with the support of LISTA AG showcased our bespoke range of workspace and storage furnishings at the Aviation MRO Exhibition held at the Singapore Expo and Exhibition Centre.

The event was organised to exhibit products and services for the maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) in the aviation industry. LISTA products are widely used in the MRO operations with leading aircraft manufacturers and premium airlines.

We wanted to exhibit specialised Swiss-made workspace and storage systems for our exacting customers.

While Rotomatik Singapore is a firm believer of using technology to plug itself into the digital world, it still holds on to the traditional Asian way of eyeball-to-eyeball meeting with existing and new customers. The exhibition therefore served as a hub where there is interaction and connection with customers.

More than 5000 professionals from the aviation industry and particularly in the maintenance, repair and operations segment attended the seminar cum exhibition event.

There were over 100 visitors to our booth and many responded positively to the build quality of LISTA products. The limelight product was the LISTA Electronic Control system which has the flexibility to control access to either the entire cabinet, individual drawers or drawer compartments thereby managing security access. It is something that is quite unique in this part of the world.

Rotomatik Singapore and LISTA AG wish to thank all visitors for taking the time to view our products and to chat with us.

Visit our Rotomatik LISTA website to view more products at