Crane Parts and Services are essential to the operations of overhead cranes.

Overhead cranes are capital intensive equipment. During their lifetime, overhead cranes will require professional crane services preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance and upgrading due to changing requirements of customers’ businesses.

We study your requirements very carefully with your participation, walking the entire process with you.

We provide crane services for your overhead cranes

Preventive Maintenance

The purpose of this maintenance is to ensure that your cranes operate efficiently and with minimal downtime. Preventive Maintenance also extends the ‘bath tub’ reliability curve by reducing the failure rate of cranes.

Rotomatik always advises customers to use its Preventive Maintenance program to keep their equipment in the best of health to minimize down time. We will change only the parts that need to be changed and advise part replacement to reduce future down time.

Corrective Maintenance

While Preventive Maintenance aims to minimize failure rate, there are times when the cranes fail for many reasons.
With a team of experienced hands-on service engineers and well-trained designers, Rotomatik is able to respond quickly and bring the lifting equipment back to working condition.

Our service engineers will ensure the down time of the cranes are reduced by systematically trouble shooting the root causes of failures.


Customers’ businesses grow over the years. The cranes which were commissioned for a specific purpose may have outgrown its original design.
After operating for a number of years, change in operations may require the crane to be upgraded. Rotomatik is brand neutral and will offer a proposal optimal to the new requirement.

This is where our team of expert designers who will study the customers’ new processes and work with you to upgrade your cranes. We understand the need to execute the upgrading with the shortest down time.


After years of operations in all kinds of environment, cranes naturally age, some slower and some faster depending on their utilization.

To lengthen their life, cranes will need to be refurbished.

Our team of service engineers will work closely with the customers’ teams to plan the refurbishment program.