The heart of any crane system is either a wire rope hoist or a chain hoist.

As a robust partner of high quality German supplier Stahl CraneSystems GmbH, Rotomatik offers Stahl electric wire rope hoists and electric chain hoists.

These electric wire rope and electric chain hoists command a significant market share in key industrial sectors in many countries.

As a key player, the wide range of SWL (safe working load), lifting heights and configurations make the electric hoists suitable for many applications in practically any industry.

The use of either an electric wire rope hoist or an electric chain hoist will depend on the application per se.

In addition, manual chain hoists will be offered for specific usage.

Our professional engineers will walk through your process and suggest the appropriate electric hoist or manual hoist.

For the purpose of ensuring that every wire rope hoist and chain hoist that lands at every site is in top working condition, every hoist is manufactured and assembled in its main plant in Kunzelsau Germany. Such a regime ensures that quality is constantly and consistently checked during the entire production process.