As an overhead travelling crane designer and supplier, Rotomatik provides cranes systems and monorail hoists for a wide range of industries.

We ensure that our overhead crane and hoists products that are manufactured must not only comply with the latest quality standards of ISO9000 but are also built in a safe and sustainable environment for which we are OHSAS18000 and bizsafe certified.

As a customer-centric organisation, we pay meticulous attention to understanding the lifting requirements of every individual customer and go the extra mile to meet their needs.

Our value proposition enables our customers to witness the entire process of designing, manufacturing, assembling, testing of our cranes in our Singapore workshop. You are able to watch every step of the process and thus see that the end product meets your specifications. You are confident that we go all out to minimize the crane down time.

Our lifting solutions comprise a portfolio of products which include but not limited to various configuration of standard cranes such as electric overhead cranes and special cranes such as gantry cranes and suspension cranes.

Crane lifting systems would be incomplete without the below-the-hook devices and we discuss the most appropriate ones such as magnets, grab, buckets and spreader beams.

We listen to you the customer and we provide a host of solutions to meet your material handling needs.

The overhead travelling crane is a practical equipment used for many lifting applications, designed to work both indoor and outdoor. Production floor and stockyard spaces are precious. Every cubic meter of floor space needs to be fully used. Rotomatik cranes are optimised to maximise not only floor space but also the volumetric space utilisation.

Our products include:

  • Single girder electric overhead cranes
  • Double girder electric overhead cranes
  • Single girder electric underhung cranes
  • Double girder electric underhung cranes

The distinct features of the Rotomatik cranes are:

  • SWL range from 125kg to 100t and span up to 50m
  • Every crane is made of high quality steel and optimally designed to reduce load on building columns
  • As a standard, a multi-controller is installed with the ability to continuously monitor load and for the purpose of overload protection
  • Customers have the choice of either standard headroom or extremely low headroom for longer hook paths
  • Rotomatik’s unique crane end carriages which are box constructed to withstand torsion
  • Low-maintenance long travel and cross travel drives with integrated disc brakes
  • Wear-resistant travel wheels are made of high quality self-lubricating spheroidal graphite cast iron