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Slewing Jib for The Trains

Jib cranes or slewing jib cranes are well-known in the material handling world that these are perfect for spot lifting.

This simply means that materials are very frequently lifted or lowered for maintenance purposes.

In the case of our customer SMRT, it has a fixed spot where items need to be worked on.

A slewing jib crane for maintenance whereby stringent requirements were specified. Consequently, after a number of discussions, a 2-tonne, 5.5 metre arm outreach with a working height of 3.5 metre was designed.

It is a testimony of the designing skills of Rotomatik.

Slewing Jib Crane in the Midst of Installation

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Happy 21st Birthday, Rotomatik

Rotomatik celebrated its birthday on 12 October 2018 with all its employees at their premises. Mr Poo highlighted the key projects and the achievements for YTD 2018. He thanked the staff for their hard work and dedication to the company. He emphasised that people are vital to the company as each staff is a touch point for both internal and external customers.

The celebration included the presentation of 10-year award to two staff, Mr Henry Lim and Mr Raymind Lee as well. Mr Poo praised them for their positive contribution and encouraged them to pursue excellence for the company.

The celebration continued with the cake cutting ceremony by both Mr HC Tang and Mr KG Poo, followed by a sumptuous buffet lunch.

Congratulations, Rotomatik.


Mr KG Poo and Mr HC Tang cutting 21st birthday cake.


L-R: Mr KG Poo, Mr Henry Lim, Mr HC Tang, Ms Jeen Er


L-R: Mr KG Poo, Mr Raymond Lee, Mr HC Tang, Ms Jeen Er