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Overhead Cranes for LTA Depot

Overhead cranes: another feather in the hat for Rotomatik Singapore.

TA Depot @ Tuas West Extension

Bidding for a government project by itself is a complex process fulfilling a host of requirements. Winning the project is an equally challenging.

The process can take a long time from conception to implementation.

A case in point is LTA prestigious project at MRT Depot at Tuas.

Rotomatik was awarded the contract to supply 4 units of 10 ton overhead double girder cranes, 9 units of overhead single girder cranes ranging from 300 kg to 3 ton, 1 unit of 2 ton of pillar slewing jib crane and 1 unit of 2 ton monorail hoist system.

In addition, Rotomatik was also awarded to supply and install all the runway beams to serve the above mentioned overhead cranes due to its capability to design and install supporting steel structures.

Although the contract was awarded to Rotomatik in 2012, installation works only commenced in 2015. The project was completed and handed over to the authority in the mid of 2016, within schedule.

LTA Depot @ Thomson Line

In the midst of execution the Tuas Depot project, Rotomatik was then awarded the MRT Depot for the Thomson Line.

This latest project comprised 9 units of 10 ton overhead double girder cranes with the spans of up to 28.7 m,
3 units of 2 ton single girder crane & a 2 ton pillar slewing jib cane.

The above work scope also included the supply and installation of runway beams.

The Company’s success in securing these tenders was a testimony of the authority’s confidence in Rotomatik’s quality products, strong engineering competency and good execution capability.

Each experience will only add to Rotomatik’s value proposition as a leading supplier of such cranes and hoists lifting equipment.

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Rotomatik’s 19th Anniversary

It has been a very busy year so far and we in the company, have been focused on delivering our commitments to our valued customers. Many of the projects are crane related to our key customers.

We did, however, take the opportunity to celebrate our company’s 19th Anniversary – Prawning!!!

We had a wonderful time catching prawns and just chilling out the entire afternoon then ending it off with a Bar-B-Q….of course with our huge crustacean harvest….Yum Yum…