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A Unique Rotomatik 3-Chain Hoist Crane for SBS Transit Train Depot at Gali Batu

MRT depots constantly use cranes and hoists to ease the burden and increase productivity of lifting heavy loads.

MRT depots carry out a plethora of engineering & technical tasks. One of the most critical ones is the maintenance of axles which is to be done in a wheel press system.

In order to perform the maintenance work, train engineers need to heft and / or lower the axles with the help of a crane system.

Rotomatik has had the advantage of designing, installing and integrating such crane systems as part of the wheel press system in other depots. Based on its records, Rotomatik was able to rise to the challenge of engineering the system as specified by SBS Transit.

The wheel press machine is specially used for mounting and dismounting of the components of the axle such as wheel sets, brakes discs, bearings and gearboxes of rail rolling stocks.

Due to the construct of the MRT train axle, Rotomatik designed a single girder crane using not one but three chain hoists which operate either independently or in tandem.

The hoists lift and/or lower the axles to the various jigs to facilitate the inspection and maintenance of the axle elements.

The rail engineer can use either hoist “B” by itself i.e. 3.2 ton or hoist “A” & “C” together i.e. 1.6t + 1.6t. These are controlled by a smart pendant switch which controls both lifting, cross travelling and long travelling.

For safety reasons, an anti-collision system is installed to keep the hoists from colliding with each other to prevent accidents.