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Explosion-Proof Slewing Jibs for Rotary Engineering in Myanmar – The Story Continues

The four units of the explosion-proof slewing jibs are finally installed by personnel from our partner Rotary Engineering under the supervision of Rotomatik (S) Pte Ltd and/or Future Gift International in Feb 2020 with the skilled labour from Rotary Engineering

The entire logistics operation required a lot of coordination between the many parties including the authorities of Port of Thilawa from the moment the cargo is shipped from Rotomatik’s factory to the Thilawa Port, a river port 25km south of Yangon.

Upon reaching the port, gigantic barge cranes were used to offload and installed the slewing jib cranes on the jetty. Test loads were provided as part of the commissioning process.

The slewing jibs unique with three main features:

  • The jibs are designed for hazardous area Zone 1.
  • The jibs are designed to withstand high wind loads.
  • The jibs are designed for earthquakes.

Since the area is used for O&G activities, the hoists and all electrical equipment must be ex-proof designed.

Where the port is located, the area is subject to natural disasters such as cyclones, earthquakes and others.

Towering at 8.2m, such tall structures in open areas are subject to strong winds. Using past data, the slewing jibs are designed to withstand a wind loading of 54 m/s or 194 km/h.

Myanmar rests on one of the world’s two main earthquake belts, with one of its many fault lines running north to south placing Yangon and Port Thilawa at risk. Hence, the design of the slewing jibs take into the account an earthquake resistant design factor of 0.2g.

When one approaches the Port Thilawa, one cannot help but wonder at the four bright yellow structures against the Myanmar skyline, signalling the continuing development of Myanmar.

Rotomatik (S) Pte Ltd appreciates the close partnership with Rotary Engineering Pte Ltd and Future Gift International.

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Explosion-proof Goods Hoist in O&G Industry

Goods Hoists


Goods hoists are a versatile transporting equipment in the manufacturing and logistics industries.

An Oil & Gas (O&G) multi-national company which manufactures petroleum products was in the process of constructing a new plant. After reviewing its internal logistics processes, the management realised it needed an internal material handling system to accelerate its materials movement to the Level 3 of its new plant.

Two important criteria were established with potential suppliers from the outset of the construction project. Goods are to be moved from ground level to level 3. The products are classified as dangerous goods.

Rotomatik Singapore presented their flagship explosion-proof goods hoists. The goods hoist is designed to carry 5 tonne of dangerous goods.

Rotomatik decided to supply a 10-tonne hoist for future expansion with a configuration of 4/2 meaning the cage can carry higher load and the cargo will be lifted up true vertically. However, overload sensors are in-built to restrict loads up to and including 5 tonnes.

Lifting of Goods Hoist Cage

The cage is made of stainless steel with all the standard safety features such as door sensor, interlocking mechanism, safety catches and many others redundant features which will offer a fail-safe system.

Construction schedule requires the goods hoist shaft to be built in tandem with the building structure. The challenge was in the installation process.

Part of the execution is the stainless steel cage has to be lifted over 40 metres by a mobile crane and carefully lowered into the goods hoist shaft, followed by the explosion proof hoist and all its explosion proof panels. A well-oiled operation indeed.

Every task was done by trained technicians and double checked by engineers and quality checked by our QC engineers.

The entire order-to-installation process began in 2018 and it was finally installed towards the end of 2019.



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Explosion proof Jib Cranes for Rotary Engineering in Myanmar

Jib cranes are one vital lifting equipment used in O&G industry.

Rotary Engineering is a leading oil and gas (O&G) infrastructure services company in the region located in Singapore.

It is an EPC to the O&G, petroleum, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Rotary Engineering is a key partner with Rotomatik Singapore in such markets and industries.

As a result, in 2019, Rotomatik Singapore was asked to supply 4 units of explosion-proof slewing jib cranes to PSW (Padauk Shwe War) Terminal in Thilawa Port. This is located in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

Since the slewing jib cranes are used in an explosive environment, each one is designed and built with an SH3 explosion proof wire rope hoist designed to carry 1.5 tonnes. Each arm has an outreach of 10 metres.

The slewing jib cranes are used for the maintenance of pumps located in a classified area which requires explosion proof equipment.



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Rotomatik Jib Cranes – A Light Solution

Jib Crane

Jib cranes or slewing jib cranes have many applications in any type of industry. An example of the use of slewing jib cranes in the consumer packaged goods firm.

The task of changing rolls of paper used in a production process can have a detrimental effect to the health of employees as far as ergonomic well-being is concerned.

An MNC of consumer packaged goods which practises HSE (Health, Safety & Environmental) asked for a system which allows the use of mechanised system to aid in the loading of paper rolls.

Rotomatik Singapore used a number of slewing jib cranes attached 160 kg electric chain hoists with an arm lengths ranging from 2 to 3 metres with a lifting height of 2.2 metres.

Jigs as part of the slewing jib cranes also supplied by Rotomatik Singapore to handle rolls of papers and other materials are attached to the hoist hooks.

The jib system allows operators to load new rolls with ease preventing long-term injuries to their workers.

Beautifully Crafted Slewing Jib Crane


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Chain Hoists For Maintenance of Machineries

Chain hoists or electric chain hoists are commonplace lifting equipment in the maintenance industry.

Maintenance is probably the most critical element of the production process.

However, it is often invisible and overlooked.

Because of this, it is not considered the star of the manufacturing process.

According to most quality gurus, production systems cannot be efficient and effective without a robust maintenance system supporting the production machineries.

Hence, Rotomatik Singapore working closely with the customer advised that a reliable maintenance system is a pre-requisite in the overall performance of production machinery.

To cut maintenance downtime, five units of chain blocks ranging from 1 tonne to 5 tonne are setup as providing the lifting role.

All these chain blocks are installed on a monorail beam measuring 1.8 metres with a 2-metre lifting height hovering over a group of machineries.

Chain blocks are operated manually and are routinely checked to ensure they are serviceable and readily available to do the task as designed.

Another key function of a reliable maintenance system is engineering logistics.

Therefore, the customer is assured that Rotomatik Singapore stands ready to deliver servicing and parts.

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KBK Cranes: Man-Machine Interface Production System

KBK Overhead CraneKBK cranes are a flexible and configurable system that can be patterned just like a LEGO system.

KBK system is basically made up of tracks and other related track accessories. Two vital characteristics of the system are inbuilt into the way the tracks are designed and fabricated: Its internal running surface are specially angled such that the manipulators are always running very smoothly along the entire track; it is specifically sloped such that it forces the manipulator to be perpetually perpendicular to the track.

A multi-national company was evaluating the kinds of material handling systems to manufacture and process its finished products. In an age of robotisation and automation, the company decided to take a step back and re-look at the working relationship between man and machines.

Hence, a number of material handling system experts were invited to present their systems. Rotomatik Singapore basically clinched the proposal with their innovative KBK solutions coupled with speed and quality of execution.

With a focus on mechanisation, Rotomatik Singapore offered a system comprising a manipulator supported by a KBK crane system. Manipulators capable of handling 160 kg of load and with a lifting height of 2.2 metres are used in the production process.

KBK Overhead Crane

Flexibility of KBK Overhead Crane

The final entire system is that the manipulators can easily be maneuvered effortlessly and they always in a strict vertical position, a pre-requisite for their function.




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Goods Hoists in Process Driven Logistics

A consumer packaged goods company has reviewed its production process.

In land scarce Singapore, even the footprint of production floor has to be optimised.

Due to the limited manufacturing area, a material flow analysis carried out determined that products had to be hoisted to the second floor.

Hence, vertical lifting in contrast to lateral movement ensures a shorter and economic routing and more efficient material flow.

Rotomatik Singapore recommended a 2.2t goods hoist.

Installed in 2019, the goods hoists is fully packed with all the safety hallmarks expected of any Rotomatik designed and manufactured product.

Because of the need for safety, the goods hoist is fitted with the salient features such door sensors, interlocking system and safety catches amongst others.

The heart of the goods hoist system is a true vertical lift Stahl wire rope hoist. The construct ensures that the cage moves vertically up and down without skewing left or right.

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Rotomatik 22nd Anniversary Celebration – 15 October 2019

It is the time of the year whereby Rotomatik celebrates her 22nd Anniversary at East Coast Park.

The celebration commenced with an opening speech by Mr. Poo who reported that Rotomatik Singapore has expanded in tandem with the number of projects followed by the traditional cake cutting ceremony.

He thanked the staff for working as a team in pushing Rotomatik brand and crane products into the market.

It was also the time to promote Mr. Ashik as a Foreman who has over the years shown his leadership soft skills and proven his hard skills.

The organizing team decided to foster camaraderie among the staff by organising laser gun shootout.

The idea was quite simple. The four teams were armed with laser guns and their mission was to shoot everyone else within a 10-minute time.

There was only one rule: shoot first, ask questions later!




And because the event was located just next to the sea, it was time to dip and cool down in the sea.


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Rotomatik Singapore Participated in MRO Asia-Pacific 24 to 26 September 2019

Rotomatik with the support of LISTA AG showcased our bespoke range of workspace and storage furnishings at the Aviation MRO Exhibition held at the Singapore Expo and Exhibition Centre.

The event was organised to exhibit products and services for the maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) in the aviation industry. LISTA products are widely used in the MRO operations with leading aircraft manufacturers and premium airlines.

We wanted to exhibit specialised Swiss-made workspace and storage systems for our exacting customers.

While Rotomatik Singapore is a firm believer of using technology to plug itself into the digital world, it still holds on to the traditional Asian way of eyeball-to-eyeball meeting with existing and new customers. The exhibition therefore served as a hub where there is interaction and connection with customers.

More than 5000 professionals from the aviation industry and particularly in the maintenance, repair and operations segment attended the seminar cum exhibition event.

There were over 100 visitors to our booth and many responded positively to the build quality of LISTA products. The limelight product was the LISTA Electronic Control system which has the flexibility to control access to either the entire cabinet, individual drawers or drawer compartments thereby managing security access. It is something that is quite unique in this part of the world.

Rotomatik Singapore and LISTA AG wish to thank all visitors for taking the time to view our products and to chat with us.

Visit our Rotomatik LISTA website to view more products at

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Clean Energy Supply Chain – Role of Rotomatik Overhead Cranes

Visual Inspection & Tracking The Travelling of Overhead Crane

Overhead Cranes – what do overhead cranes have to do with climate change?

Climate change concerns have become more pervasive in almost every corner of the world.

The management of Rotomatik Singapore has taken the challenge to reduce carbon footprint by being part of the environmental friendly supply chain using its status as a premium crane supplier.

Rotomatik Singapore is honoured to be given a vital role in the renewable energy chain in REC Solar Pte Ltd in Singapore.

The customer is a technology provider and production of solar energy solutions.

In the Singapore plant, Rotomatik Singapore offered an overhead crane lifting solution to handle materials when there is a constraint on the lifting height.

Hence, Rotomatik Singapore designed the crane to push it as close as possible to the ceiling.

In addition, to further increase the lifting height, an extra low-headroom electric chain hoist was used, thereby fulfilling the customer’s material handling requirements.

Overhead travelling cranes using the STAHL CraneSystems STK series Extra Short Headroom electric chain hoist was the optimal solution needed for its production lines at its Tuas South plant.

The mere 185mm headroom for the 1.6 ton and 3.2 ton versions of the hoists were chosen to fit into the very low 4m ceiling and up to 3.5m high lifting height requirements of the setup. The unique design also enables loads to be lifted steadily and without swinging.