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Visual Inspection & Tracking The Travelling of Overhead Crane

Overhead Cranes – what do overhead cranes have to do with climate change?

Climate change concerns have become more pervasive in almost every corner of the world.

The management of Rotomatik Singapore has taken the challenge to reduce carbon footprint by being part of the environmental friendly supply chain using its status as a premium crane supplier.

Rotomatik Singapore is honoured to be given a vital role in the renewable energy chain in REC Solar Pte Ltd in Singapore.

The customer is a technology provider and production of solar energy solutions.

In the Singapore plant, Rotomatik Singapore offered an overhead crane lifting solution to handle materials when there is a constraint on the lifting height.

Hence, Rotomatik Singapore designed the crane to push it as close as possible to the ceiling.

In addition, to further increase the lifting height, an extra low-headroom electric chain hoist was used, thereby fulfilling the customer’s material handling requirements.

Overhead travelling cranes using the STAHL CraneSystems STK series Extra Short Headroom electric chain hoist was the optimal solution needed for its production lines at its Tuas South plant.

The mere 185mm headroom for the 1.6 ton and 3.2 ton versions of the hoists were chosen to fit into the very low 4m ceiling and up to 3.5m high lifting height requirements of the setup. The unique design also enables loads to be lifted steadily and without swinging.