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KBK Overhead CraneKBK cranes are a flexible and configurable system that can be patterned just like a LEGO system.

KBK system is basically made up of tracks and other related track accessories. Two vital characteristics of the system are inbuilt into the way the tracks are designed and fabricated: Its internal running surface are specially angled such that the manipulators are always running very smoothly along the entire track; it is specifically sloped such that it forces the manipulator to be perpetually perpendicular to the track.

A multi-national company was evaluating the kinds of material handling systems to manufacture and process its finished products. In an age of robotisation and automation, the company decided to take a step back and re-look at the working relationship between man and machines.

Hence, a number of material handling system experts were invited to present their systems. Rotomatik Singapore basically clinched the proposal with their innovative KBK solutions coupled with speed and quality of execution.

With a focus on mechanisation, Rotomatik Singapore offered a system comprising a manipulator supported by a KBK crane system. Manipulators capable of handling 160 kg of load and with a lifting height of 2.2 metres are used in the production process.

KBK Overhead Crane

Flexibility of KBK Overhead Crane

The final entire system is that the manipulators can easily be maneuvered effortlessly and they always in a strict vertical position, a pre-requisite for their function.