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Chain hoists or electric chain hoists are commonplace lifting equipment in the maintenance industry.

Maintenance is probably the most critical element of the production process.

However, it is often invisible and overlooked.

Because of this, it is not considered the star of the manufacturing process.

According to most quality gurus, production systems cannot be efficient and effective without a robust maintenance system supporting the production machineries.

Hence, Rotomatik Singapore working closely with the customer advised that a reliable maintenance system is a pre-requisite in the overall performance of production machinery.

To cut maintenance downtime, five units of chain blocks ranging from 1 tonne to 5 tonne are setup as providing the lifting role.

All these chain blocks are installed on a monorail beam measuring 1.8 metres with a 2-metre lifting height hovering over a group of machineries.

Chain blocks are operated manually and are routinely checked to ensure they are serviceable and readily available to do the task as designed.

Another key function of a reliable maintenance system is engineering logistics.

Therefore, the customer is assured that Rotomatik Singapore stands ready to deliver servicing and parts.