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Jib Crane

Jib cranes or slewing jib cranes have many applications in any type of industry. An example of the use of slewing jib cranes in the consumer packaged goods firm.

The task of changing rolls of paper used in a production process can have a detrimental effect to the health of employees as far as ergonomic well-being is concerned.

An MNC of consumer packaged goods which practises HSE (Health, Safety & Environmental) asked for a system which allows the use of mechanised system to aid in the loading of paper rolls.

Rotomatik Singapore used a number of slewing jib cranes attached 160 kg electric chain hoists with an arm lengths ranging from 2 to 3 metres with a lifting height of 2.2 metres.

Jigs as part of the slewing jib cranes also supplied by Rotomatik Singapore to handle rolls of papers and other materials are attached to the hoist hooks.

The jib system allows operators to load new rolls with ease preventing long-term injuries to their workers.

Beautifully Crafted Slewing Jib Crane