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A consumer packaged goods company has reviewed its production process.

In land scarce Singapore, even the footprint of production floor has to be optimised.

Due to the limited manufacturing area, a material flow analysis carried out determined that products had to be hoisted to the second floor.

Hence, vertical lifting in contrast to lateral movement ensures a shorter and economic routing and more efficient material flow.

Rotomatik Singapore recommended a 2.2t goods hoist.

Installed in 2019, the goods hoists is fully packed with all the safety hallmarks expected of any Rotomatik designed and manufactured product.

Because of the need for safety, the goods hoist is fitted with the salient features such door sensors, interlocking system and safety catches amongst others.

The heart of the goods hoist system is a true vertical lift Stahl wire rope hoist. The construct ensures that the cage moves vertically up and down without skewing left or right.