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Goods Hoists


Goods hoists are a versatile transporting equipment in the manufacturing and logistics industries.

An Oil & Gas (O&G) multi-national company which manufactures petroleum products was in the process of constructing a new plant. After reviewing its internal logistics processes, the management realised it needed an internal material handling system to accelerate its materials movement to the Level 3 of its new plant.

Two important criteria were established with potential suppliers from the outset of the construction project. Goods are to be moved from ground level to level 3. The products are classified as dangerous goods.

Rotomatik Singapore presented their flagship explosion-proof goods hoists. The goods hoist is designed to carry 5 tonne of dangerous goods.

Rotomatik decided to supply a 10-tonne hoist for future expansion with a configuration of 4/2 meaning the cage can carry higher load and the cargo will be lifted up true vertically. However, overload sensors are in-built to restrict loads up to and including 5 tonnes.

Lifting of Goods Hoist Cage

The cage is made of stainless steel with all the standard safety features such as door sensor, interlocking mechanism, safety catches and many others redundant features which will offer a fail-safe system.

Construction schedule requires the goods hoist shaft to be built in tandem with the building structure. The challenge was in the installation process.

Part of the execution is the stainless steel cage has to be lifted over 40 metres by a mobile crane and carefully lowered into the goods hoist shaft, followed by the explosion proof hoist and all its explosion proof panels. A well-oiled operation indeed.

Every task was done by trained technicians and double checked by engineers and quality checked by our QC engineers.

The entire order-to-installation process began in 2018 and it was finally installed towards the end of 2019.