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Slewing jibs do not look impressive when compared with overhead cranes. At first glance, they seem limited in their applications. However, for users who fully understand the capability of these material handling equipment, they are indeed very productive when utilised correctly.

One of our key  customers discussed with our sales team their work process application. The slewing jib is designed to lift and put down materials for cutting purposes. Cutting is pretty fast using the latest technology. And the slewing jib is renowned for its intense “spot loading”. This simply means materials are hoisted and placed down very efficiently and safely, suggesting vast improvement in productivity.

One key feature of Rotomatik slewing jib is its footing. It is extremely small maximising floor space. The other salient feature is the Stahl chain hoist which is quite robust and reliable. The combination of both slewing jib technical design and superiority of Stahl hoist is Rotomatik’s value proposition to our customers.